Our Services


Supply & Marketing

We are specialist in the supply and marketing of the following commodities:

Such as fertilizer, seeds, agrochemicals, feeds, feed ingredients, veterinary drugs e.t.c.

Rice, maize, soya beans, ginger, cotton, eggs, fresh milk, frozen chicken etc.

Irrigation water pump, automatic drinkers, incubators, tractors, planters, harvester, etc

Friesien cattles, Fattened cattle, Day old chicks, Point of Lay chicken, Turkeys, Peacock, Sheep and Goats etc.

Consultancy and Training

With our collective team of experienced animal scientist, veterinary doctors, agronomist, agric engineers and agric economist. we render services of farm construction, irrigation facilities, artificial insemination, pasture establishment, orchard establishment, silage and hay making etc

Agriculture as a business requires certain level of trainings in order to attain success, with our expert in various field of agriculture we offer trainings on cash crop production, arable crop production, poultry production, modern goat farming, fish production, beef and cattle dairy production, hydroponics fodder production, milk processing, fish processing e.t.c

Agro Production and Processing

Many people are aspiring to go into agribusiness but the lack the technical know-how to carried out the business successfully. With our various agro investment programs, this challenge is solved.

As expert in agribusiness, we carefully select most viable agric production with reasonable returns. Our clients select from our agric ventures of their desire, providing the funds and Agribright runs the business for them. After harvest/sales of produce, profits will be shared based on an agreed condition.

Many invest in agribusiness but only few succeed, this may be due technical know-how or negligence and lack of honesty from those managing. With ‘’Agribright Manage my farm’’ program consider this constraint as solved. As we conduct our business in accordance with highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethics.

We are concerned with providing services for production, harvesting, transport, postharvest operations, and other services along the food supply chain.  These services are in stages, as follows:

👉 Production level – our services at this stage include; Land preparation(Clearing, Ploughing, Harrowing, etc.),  Planting, Fertilizer Application, Spraying, Water pumping, Irrigation, etc.
👉 Postharvest level services provided include: drying, winnowing, cleaning, grading and storage.
👉 Processing level
We also operate services along the food value chain and value addition for farm produce, this include; chopping, milling, grinding, pressing, packaging, marketing, and transportation


Construction Services

With our collective team of experienced Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, interior and outdoor designers. We design, build and furnish your structure with the sense of contemporary state of art facilities. Through our subsidiary ArcBuildCo., we render the following services:

Estate /Property Management

We specialize in the entire cycle of real estate project commencing with site acquisition, conceptualization and leasing/sales.


Environmental Services

We offer high quality professional and realistic environmental services on:

With dedication, skill and experience, we are able to provide professional environmental services to commercial, businesses and domestic households. Irrespective of how large the project or how minor the problem, our expert team are always on hand to offer assistance at a moment’s notice.

We are Suppliers & Distributors of the following products



We are a leading merchandizer of rice in the Nigeria market in wholesale and retail


We supply a wide range of fertilizers for all kinds of crops, delivering anywhere in Nigeria



 Our eggs are locally sourced from the very best poultry farms across Nigeria

Maize flour

We supply and distribute maize flour that are Non-GMO and gluten free.